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G3 Translate Confirmit translation partner

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Confirmit Translation

We have a close relationship with another Confirmit partner to provide all our clients translation services, they are G3 Translate.

Translation process

We will help you create your survey in the primary language first and then invite G3 Translate to translate your survey only when the survey has been fully tested and approved ready for go-live. Once approved, we will then assign all the additional languages you want your survey to be in and then provide G3 Translate with the necessary Confirmit XML files, 1 for each language. G3 translate understand all the Confirmit translation requirements i.e. HTML characters required to make certain words Bold, Italics, Validation Error Messages and their scripts etc. Because G3 Translate use Confirmit XML translation files the turnaround time is days. G3 Translate use a 3 step process...

  1. Original localized-language translator translates the survey (first time)
  2. Second localized-language translator proof reads and amends translations where necessary
  3. Third localized-language translator proof reads and amends translations where necessary.

... remember this is usually just a couple of days and all languages are completed at the same time.

Confirmit Translation

You could have 12 languages could be ready in just a couple of days. G3 translate then provide us with the Confirmit XML files for importing in to your survey. Your survey is then ready for final testing in all languages.

All survey translations feed directly in to the report. If the survey is available in 12 languages, so too is your report. All your questions texts and answer labels in all languages can be seen in each language if your report user choses to view the report in any of the available languages.

To enquire about booking our Confirmit service*, please email us at:
*Discounts apply for more days booked.

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