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A Panel is an online community of your customers who have a belonging or something in common and are willing and ready to answer your questions. All Confirmit clients benefit from having the normal Confirmit Panel available to them.

Panels are normally fully branded with an online website, normally known as Portal or Professional/Standard Portal. Panels always have a Registration or Profile survey. The registration process generates the unique user account, which provides the user with username and password details so they can log in and participate in your surveys. The registration can be as small or as big as you need it to be. The registration process will help you to identify your target audience when asking your Panel Members to participate in your surveys, otherwise known as Sampling.

Confirmit Professional and Standard Portal

Confirmit offers 100% flexibility when designing your Professional or Standard Portal. We can design your Professional and Standard Portal using Confirmit's built-in CSS functionality or external style sheets. We have experience in website creation and graphic design, therefore we are able to convert your existing website in to Confirmit Professional and Standard Portal or help you create the Portal for the very first time. The procedure for a brand new Professional or Standard Portal for the first time is...

  1. Initial discussion about your design preferences: this will result in 3 initial creative's for you to choose from
  2. Your chosen preferred creative will be evolved through a series of discussions over 1 to 2 week period resulting in a home page design and a content page design
  3. Your design creative is complete and being converted to images, HTML5 / CSS3 friendly format ready for creating in your Professional or Standard Portal.

Your Professional or Standard Portal will then be converted in to Confirmit using the inbuilt Portal navigation, registration and log in functionality. The Portal logged in section will contain Survey Participation, Survey History, Update Profile and any other page you want only available to logged in Panel Members.

Confirmit Panel

Whilst it is the norm to have a Professional and Standard Portal website built at the same time as your Confirmit Panel, it is not essential. Your existing Panel database can be uploaded with all your Panel Members details or you can place the Confirmit Panel registration link on any website which is the best placed for you to achieve the highest and most valuable new Panel Members. Confirmit Panel comes complete with Panel List Management, Sampling and Points/Redemption capability.

Sample Management...

  • You can specify if you want 500 chosen at random or 10%
  • Any combination of your Panel Profile (registration/demographic) questions
  • You can select members who have not been selected for a survey since a specific date
  • You can select members who have not participated in a survey since a specific date
  • You can select members who have not been invited to more than X number of surveys

Points/Credits can be earned from survey participation. You can upload Points to the Confirmit Panel and offer Gifts for Points to be redeemed directly from your Confirmit Portal. This is automatic allocation of points to and from your Confirmit Panel. You can also share points with another redemption system.

Confirmit Professional and Standard Panel

Confirmit Professional and Standard Panel does everything the Basic Panel can do yet a lot more feature rich functionality. These Confirmit Panels are designed to handle multiple millions of Panel Members, handle highly complex Sampling algorithms and feed new data in real time directly in to the Confirmit Panel from active survey participation.

An example of such highly complex sampling would be if you ideally want 1000 Panel Members between 16 and 21 years old, have been accepted to attend a UK university this year, achieved at least 3 A's at A-level, who have actively participated in a survey in the last 12 months, and on top of this you want 40% of this population to be Male, and 60% to be Female. Even more, of the Males you want 35% from London and 65% from outside London. The Females you want 40% and 60% respectively. A "Test Run" of your Panel will help show how many Members you have that meet this criteria. If you have only 850 Members who meet this criteria, you can specify a more relaxed second set of proportions, such as Males from London 40% and outside London 60% and Females from London 42% and outside London 58%. Even if this achieves more than the required 150 Members to achieve the target, only 150 will be selected. A real Sample run will now give you the 1000 Members you need to invite to participate in your survey.

To enquire about booking our Confirmit service*, please email us at:
*Discounts apply for more days booked.

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