We can help you script and design your surveys in Confirmit. We do not run Confirmit surveys, we are experts in scripting surveys in Confirmit. We can help you use all the best features Confirmit offers enabling you to get the most out of Confirmit for your surveys. If you’re not yet a Confirmit client and you’re interested in getting an account, please visit

Pre-survey development advice

We can help you in the preliminary stages providing you with advice before the survey development starts. Often survey contents are written in Microsoft Word or Excel first and there are plenty of discussions to make sure the end result of the survey achieves the desired project goals and deliverables. We can help you with those discussions to make sure the best possible survey contents is agreed. There are many options Confirmit offers for your questions, we can help you propose the right type of online question for the question being asked. Below is a list of options…


  • Standard information text on a page


  • Standard text box with scroll-bars
  • Resize (auto/manual)
  • 1 row limited comment
  • Date
  • Password
  • Numeric/decimals
  • Numeric/decimals (with formatting assistance)
  • Slider bar with number


  • Standard radio/circle options
  • Columns to Rows
  • Dropdown (use title)
  • Indexed
  • Group Headers in Answers
  • Other please specify (auto-check)
  • Boolean
  • Slider bar
  • Global button images
  • Images as answers


  • Standard Check/Tick boxes
  • Columns to Rows
  • Capture Order
  • Ranking (drag-and-drop)
  • Group Headers in Answers
  • Other please specify (auto-check)/Exclusive
  • Force number of items*
  • Global button images
  • Images as answers
  • Searchable answer list
  • Open text list
  • Open text list numeric (with formatting assistance)
  • Auto Sum
  • Force sum of answers


  • Standard
  • Repeat/bottom headers
  • Dropdown (use title)
  • Slider bars
  • Group Headers in Answers
  • Grid bars
  • Card sort
  • Global button images
  • Images as answers
  • Images in answer labels
  • Left and right labels
  • Ranking

Survey development

We are experts at creating and designing your survey in Confirmit. All we need are your questions with routing references (otherwise referred to as ‘if then’ or ‘go to’ logic) and an idea of how you want your survey to look (a website URL is ideal). A typical survey of approximately 30 questions with standard routing complete with branding would take about a day to create.

When creating your survey in Confirmit we think about your Data Collection moments and we keep your reporting requirements in mind. Confirmit Surveys can be made available on the Web, Email, Mobile (iPhone, Android, Blackberry features built in), Telephone (CATI), Kiosk/Handheld Touchscreen device (CAPI), SMS and even IVR (Automated telephone response, e.g. press 1 for Yes, 2 for No).

Sometimes the questions you ask in the survey are not the answers your looking for in the report, for example, you might ask the respondent to enter their exact age, but you’re interested in grouping their age in to categories i.e. under 18, 18 to 30, 31 to 60, and over 60. We can store any recalculated information as a result of the questions you ask or other information you load in to the survey. This means you have all you need readily available in your report from the beginning with no need for post data collection work.

Advanced survey behaviour

Do you need to enhance your survey with value-added functionality? We have helped clients create many surveys which are much more than just a survey. For example…

  • Do you need to alert a member of staff or team to a survey response when the respondent expresses dissatisfaction or complete satisfaction? This is known as automatic alerting.
  • Do you want the survey to be sent in parts e.g. Part A is sent before your newly branded website is launched and Part B is sent after?
  • Do you need more than 1 person to respond to the same survey to give a full picture of the event you’re measuring e.g. the Customer and your Customer Services Agent who spoke to the customer?
  • Do you want to offer randomised questions and answers?
  • Do you want to offer a choice to the customers of what parts of the survey they wish to complete?
  • Do you want quota management control in your survey?
  • Do you want to send paper invitations with a login code for the user to enter online and start the survey?
  • … we help clients achieve that little bit extra.

To enquire about booking our Confirmit service*, please email us at: *Discounts apply for more days booked.