Confirmit Reportal Reports

Magnify Solutions has the first member in the UK to have adopted Reportal when it was first released. Since then we’ve been creating customised Reportal reports for clients all over the world. The most common types of reports we create are EFM Dashboard reports, Voice of the Customer and Employee Engagement reports. Most of our reports are Hierarchy driven reports. We can help you understand and get the most out of your report. Reportal is a real-time powerful online reporting engine. It can be set up to deliver results fed from many surveys. This gives you a holistic single view of your business. You’re able to drilldown and interact with the report in many ways and even export your findings to PDF, PPT or Excel.

Designing your Reportal report

When thinking about a report built in Reportal, treat it like it’s a website. Imagine ‘tables like text’ and ‘charts like images’. If you were asking a Web Designer to build a website, where would you ask him to place images and text? What text would you make active/linkable to do something like change the contents on the same page or link to another page. Because Reportal is a ‘Report Portal‘ it really is a website Portal that’s No.1 job is to present you with the results of your surveys.

When thinking about page layout/design. You should be thinking of how the page looks online and does your report need to export to PDF? PDF is usually A4 size, whereas online is usually landscape shape and much more forgiving in width than paper. We can design your report just like a website, so you benefit from images, colours, texts… anything a website can do Reportal can do. So you have full flexibility over design appearance. At Magnify Solutions we are web designers, we can help you with your design if you do not have a website to adhere to.

Reportal report pages

Do you need a welcome landing page? More and more reports nowadays are being designed with a ‘this report is about…‘, ‘how to use this report‘ and ‘this month top results are…‘ welcome page. Other reports load directly to the Dashboard. A page showing the top areas of the business and the key metrics (KPIs) your measuring i.e. Customer Satisfaction index or Net Promoter Score (NPSTM). How many pages do you need in your report? This will define the report navigation.

When thinking about the content to go on your pages. Think of what can actually fit on a page. Rather than have 9 Bar Charts showing all the Customer Satisfaction Statements, why not have 1 Bar chart with a dropdown list of all 9 Statements above it which changes the statement in the Chart? Remember, Reportal works like a website, so you benefit from website behaviour. when thinking about Aggregated Tables, what is a good score/number and what is a poor one? Do you want these numbers to change colour when they’re met? All these features are available in your report.

Hierarchal reporting

Your report can be viewed by many people in the organisation. Each person may only have the permission to look at their business area. This can be controlled using hierarchal reporting. If you are the CEO you get to see the entire company performance. If you’re a Team Manager you get to see your teams data, thus only your teams performance.

Reportal exports

All Reportal reports come with PDF, PPT and Excel exporting capability already. It’s simply a matter of letting your report users log in to Reportal and start exporting. Confirmit comes with a bookmark your report page feature. This means if your report user drills down on specific data and finds something interesting, they can save that page and setting and give it a name just like you can do with adding Favourite websites to your browser. This allows you to quickly jump to the same pages when you want to view it again, this time with the latest data included. All of the Favourite pages are exportable meaning the report user is able to create their very own ‘Export Package’.

Alert Handling and Case Management

Your report is fed data from your surveys. You can ‘Act On‘ these results by having in place a threshold in which you want to be told when customers respond meeting that criteria. Your threshold can be set low, looking for when you have any customers who are important to you respond with extreme dissatisfaction. You can be alerted to this situation and act upon it immediately. We can build an Alert Resolution Console for your team to complete. Information generated from the Alert Resolution Console will give you valuable insight to common causes for such alerts and hopefully your customer appreciates the way the follow-up was handled – they’re now more of an Advocate of your business than a Detractor. Without insight followed up by action, no change or improvement can be made. On the flip side, if you want to be alerted to when you doing things really well, a threshold can be put in place to help you understand the things you do well that your customers really like and appreciate. The more your staff realise and hear about the good things the more positive and upbeat they will feel when dealing with the next customer.

Reportal scripting

Confirmit Reportal comes with an advanced Scripting (.NET C#) capability. This means there is no ceiling in what Reportal has to offer. Reportal offers so much standard functionality that Reportal scripting is not usually required. However, it is available should you need it. We can help you with your Reportal scripts to achieve the advanced functionality required from your report(s).

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