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Enterprise Feedback Management (EFM)
…and Voice of the Customer (VoC)

Over the past 10 years we have been creating many Confirmit-powered EFM and VoC projects. We’ve helped clients offer multi-channel survey methods and create many surveys measuring many customer Touchpoints with their businesses. Ultimately, the value is in the real-time online Dashboard reports linked directly to all your VoC surveys giving you an entire view of your business from your customers (and employees) point of view.

Enterprise Feedback Management

Enterprising software’s such as Confirmit allow companies to rollout a project or process globally and instantly. Confirmit offers more-than-a-survey functionality. Confirmit offers fully automated data collection, email alerting, action recording and insightful reporting. If you can think of a process which you or any team is manually filling in an Excel file or logging in to systems and repeating the same task with more recent data (such as re-issuing PPT reports and distributing them to key people in your organisation), then this tasks can be handled entirely by Confirmit without any need for human involvement.

We have been helping clients automate their current human resource heavy processes using Confirmit, we can help you.

Voice of the Customer

VoC programmes are customer and employee centric. The aim of a VoC programme is to give your customers and employees the means to be heard. When thinking about VoC programmes we need to understand where and how your customers interact with you. This will help identify your Customer Touchpoints. Ideally you need to allow your customers the ability to have a voice at each Touchpoint. How? The exact method of contact is usually the best method of capturing the customers opinions. If the customer calls your Customer Services Centre (or Contact Centre) and your Contact Centre uses Interactive Voice Response (IVR, press 1 for Customer Services, 2 for Billing and Payments etc.) then you should offer the customer the chance to respond to your survey by IVR at the end of the call. This timely fashion is instant. It will contain how the customer felt at that time and because they’re currently experiencing the event, you will capture all the details they want to provide. Time has not elapsed therefore the customer has not started to forget anything that was important for only that instance.

We are familiar with KPI’s such as Net Promoter Score (NPSTM), we help clients create their VoC surveys with KPIs in mind. The survey itself can flag if the customer is a Promoter, Passive or Detractor. We are also familiar with Alerting key people within your organisation who are responsible for handling the different Touchpoints. This means the alert has instantly reached the correct person who is empowered to act upon the response. For example, the Contact Centre manager receives an email from a dissatisfied customer who just spoke with agent Smith. They can click a link in the email, log in to view the entire response and even listen to the entire survey response (all IVRs are recorded). Once the manager understands the customers opinion, they can ask agent Smith for their version of the event. With this full picture the manager can call the customer to resolve their issue with confidence about the subject at hand. This can happen in a matter of minutes rather than hours, days or event months. Closing the alert can be handled internally or by inviting the customer to have the chance to respond to a follow-up survey about the Alert activity. It is this KPI we hope is better than the initial KPI they gave.

From our experience there are 3 key questions to ask customers…

  1. How satisfied were you with our services today? (0 not satisfied to 10 very satisfied)
  2. How likely is it that you would recommend our company to a friend or colleague? (0 not at all likely to 10 extremely likely)
  3. Would you use our services again? (0 not at all likely to 10 extremely likely)

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