Data Management

Most surveys have their data processed in real time using Scripts within surveys. Survey scripts can automatically calculate and store data in hidden fields. This means if you need to report on ‘Under 18s’ and your Age question was a Numeric asking for the respondents exact age, you could script in to a hidden Single question which Age segment they belong to. If real-time survey scripts are not set up in advance or they’re not viable for any reason, you always have Data Export/Import and Data Processing available in Confirmit.

Data Export/Import

Data held in Confirmit can be exported to the following formats:

  • Excel (pre-2003 and 2007+)
  • Text (any delimiter you nominate, default is Tab)
  • Triple-S (normal and Confirmit)
  • SPSS (SPS/DAT and SAV)
  • Quantum
  • SAS
  • Fixed width (Schema/DAT)

Files are usually exported for 4 reasons:

  1. …to have a full list of details you need in a file of your customers/respondents
  2. …to change/fix the data offline and then re-import it back in to your Confirmit survey
  3. …to add to the data collected online with information sourced from elsewhere. The combination of data helps enhance your Reportal report.
  4. …to investigate any data anomalies. Sometimes it’s easier to export specific columns of data to see if there are any inconsistencies. Data investigations can help identify the route cause to the issue – which is usually wrongly positioned survey script or poorly written survey script.

Handling data in-and-out of Confirmit for obvious reasons can have its risks. If you’re not familiar with handling raw data and not too sure of the risks, we can help. We help with any investigations, make corrections, and export and import your files safely.

If you have a need for any Data Export or Import to be repeated, we can help set up a Recurring Data Export/Import Task. This is an automated process which will repeat according to the Task set-up settings and frequency of recur setting. For example, if you want only the data that is new or changed for each Export and sent to your Email inbox daily, then a Recurring Data Export Task can be set up to deliver this to you.

Data Processing

Data Processing allows you to Process Data without needing to take the data offline. No need to Export or Import data. Data Processing allows you Process Data in your project according to specific rules. Some good examples of the types of thing that can be achieved…

  • Survey to Survey (Same)*: A great example is when your survey is closed and you want to process data in to brand new variables, such as variables used for segmentation.
  • Survey to Survey (Different): If you want data transferred between projects.
  • External Data to Survey: Same result as Data Import.
  • Survey to Respondent Database (emailing area): Update respondent data with data held in the survey. Ideal for complex email sending rules.
  • Respondent Database (emailing area) to Survey: Update survey with information from the Respondent Database. You may perform an ‘Update’ from a file to the Respondent Database and want this following through to the Survey for all respondents who have started or completed the survey.
  • Respondent Database to Respondent Database (Same): Update own Respondent Database e.g. new date stamps.
  • Respondent Database to Respondent Database (Different): Update another surveys Respondent Database e.g. if email address changes, why not update more than 1 survey?

*Data Processing Scripts: When processing Survey to Survey data we can have scripts that perform typical operations. These Data Processing scripts would perform the same tasks as a human would if the data was exported. Only, with Data Processing the same rule is run over all the respondents you want to include in your update. The human is more likely to make a mistake, for example, miss out 1 respondent that should have been updated. Data Processing Rules can also be recurring tasks. Recurring Data Processing Rules is great if you want to be informed on the days when you receive a certain number of dissatisfied responses.For example, if you consider 20 extremely dissatisfied customers in a day, then the Data Processing Rule can email you with the amount of Dissatisfied Customers if greater than 20.

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