Confirmit Consultancy Services

With more than 10 years of Confirmit experiences, our consultants have the expertise and experience you need for your Confirmit surveys, reports, panels, portals and help to support your Confirmit users.

Confirmit consultancy

Ambition, Desire, Goals and Aspirations. We all want to be the best at what we learn. Confirmit is by no means any different. Confirmit is a great tool in the fingertips of the every day person. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to create a Confirmit survey. Like most things, once you start to dig a little deeper in to most common globally used softwares you use on a regular basis (like Microsoft Outlook, Word or Excel), you soon realise it can do so much more. Confirmit is one of those tools at your fingertips. Our Confirmit consultants are here to help you unlock its potential for your gain.

We have helped clients such as PWC, Serco, NHBC, Ipsos Public Affairs, Watermelon Research, Scottish TV, Experteye, ICS and others get the most out of Confirmit for their projects.

Phrases like…“Confirmit Professional, Launch Survey, Survey Settings, Database Designer, End User Permissions, Reportal, Rapid Results, RVA / RAA / RDA, Translator, Data Processing, Data Export, Data Import, Triple-S Templates, Respondent Upload, Respondent Emailing, FTP / PGP, Survey Layout, File Library, Alert Management, Basic Panel, Professional Panel, Confirmit Portal, Voice of the Customer (VOC), Enterprise Feeback Management (EFM)”…are our expertise. We are specialist Confirmit consultants here to help you create your Confirmit project in the best possible way.

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  • Our Confirmit consultants can work with your Confirmit users so they learn from us as we create your project in Confirmit.
  • Our Confirmit consultants can work on your Confirmit project for you ensuring delivery at the best quality in the shortest time. We will always hand it over to you and explain any part of the Confimit survey, Confirmit report, Confirmit Panel or Portal.

Want to use our Confirmit consultancy service?

We have 2 types of booking requests:

  • Bulk buy in advance: more days purchased in advance the cheaper the day rate. You can book one of our Confirmit consultants to work on your Confirmit project or with one of your Confirmit users. We simple deduct the time used from your Worksheet / Log file.
  • Pay as you go: book one of our Confirmit consultants to work on your project or with one of your Confirmit users and we raise an invoice for the time involved.

To enquire about booking our Confirmit service*, please email us at:
*Discounts apply for more days booked.