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Our Confirmit Pedigree

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We have been using Confirmit software for more than 10 years. In our time using Confirmit we have created more than 2,000 projects, trained over 200 people and build some of the largest Enterprise Feedback Management (EFM) systems for clients all built on the Confirmit platform.

After using Confirmit in the British Council for 7 years (establishing it as a core platform to the UKs global Government Sector organisation) and then for 3+ years within the Confirmit Technical Account Management team, now at Magnify Solutions we offer our Expertise to all clients using Confirmit.

Implementing Confirmit

We have been involved in many Voice of the Customer (VoC) and Enterprise Feedback Management (EFM) programmes. We help clients implement Automated Business Processes and measure Customer Touchpoints throughout their business. There are key Touchpoints in which your Customers or Employees engage with you and each other. These direct moments of contact is what Customers experiences are based on and will form the basis of their opinion of you. What VoC strives to achieve is balancing the right type and amount of questions you need to ask to give you the information you need for measuring each Touchpoint. These are sometimes known and 'Moments of Truth'. We can help you configure Confirmit for your all-in-one Reporting Dashboard.

Confirmit has evolved hugely in recent years. First Confirmit was the global leader in Online Survey and Reporting software. Now it collects data from almost any technology platform you can think of:

  • ...the internet / web / www
  • ...your mobile phone (mobile browser)
  • ...your mobile phone (SMS)
  • ...CAPI/Kiosk - offline survey on handset or touchscreen device, synchronises data when online mode available
  • ...CATI / telephone survey (call from agent)
  • ...IVR (automated voice or keypad response survey i.e. press 1 for Yes, 2 for No)
  • ...paper (scans tick boxes / circles / text on paper surveys and uploads directly in to your survey).


These are only the methods for collecting your data, Confirmit takes these streams of incoming data and feeds them all in to its powerful Reportal platform: real-time online reporting. Reportal in its very basic sense is a login web portal where you can access, view and interrogate your results. Reportal sits on top of your Confirmit survey therefore giving you instant results in real time. For those who want regular reports delivered to them, Reportal exports to PPT, PDF and Excel. Specific pages in your report can be added to create your own Export Package and then exported to you at regular intervals you need, for example 1st of every month you might want your Team Managers to receive their own Team PDF reports. This does mean Reportal can handle Hierarchal Reporting.

Data Processing

Between the Survey and Reportal is a very powerful online Data Processing engine. This allows any Processing of your Data to perform additional tasks outside of normal data collection. For example, do you want to be emailed at the end of every day if your survey has received more complaints / dissatisfied customers that usual?

Emailing (and secure-FTP)

Confirmit comes with a very powerful email engine which allows you to create your HTML and Plain Text emails (invitation and reminders), personalise those emails e.g. Dear John... and then your rules for emailing can let Confirmit handle all the daily emails for you. For example, all newly uploaded respondents who've never been sent an email yet can be emailed every day at 9am the Invitation email. All respondents who were emailed a week ago the Invitation email who have not yet completed the survey can be emailed the Reminder email. When emails are set-up to run every day like this it is normally used with the Confirmit secure-FTP server. This means Confirmit can also pick-up files every day to feed in to your survey email engine automatically and ready for the automated emailing. All you have to do is get your own internal system to create the daily respondent file and place it on the Confirmit secure-FTP server before Confirmit picks it up.

Alert Management

With Reportal, you can have Alert Management capability. This is where VoC and EFM really come in to their own. Reportal is able to link back to the original customer survey record. This means you can have your own internal recording system built in to your online report. Think of a capture moment in which you want to be alerted... this can be set up in your report as the feeding rule to your Alert Management section. All new alerts can be shown in a 'New alerts' page. As your 'alert team' members read through the alerted responses and contact your customers, business stakeholders or any other person required to be involved in settling the alert, then all this information can be entered/recorded directly within the report. The status of the alert can be moved from New to In-Progress to Closed. Some clients like to have an 'Approvals' page before really considering the alert closed. Alerts are managed from the moment you define your trigger. Your trigger can be a Sales 'warm lead' type trigger or a 'dissatisfied customer' type trigger. The Alert Management area of your report allows you to focus on these individuals and do something about it. In the case of Warm Leads, phone them make the Sale (their phone went for repair recently, do they now want insurance cover?). In the case of 'Dissatisfied customer', phone them listen to their issue, offer a good solution to the issue and hopefully you have raised their opinion about you as a company (customer retention and customer loyalty).

Panel and Portal

Confirmit comes with its own Panel and Portal platform. A Portal we recently created for STV is As you can see the Portal is the front-end website for your Panel. The Panel components to this website allow you the recruit new Panel members to grow your Panel Audience, and log in area where they have their own personalised area complete with New Surveys, Survey Started, Survey Completed, Update Profile, Change Password and Points Earned / Redemption. You will be able to create Sample Jobs on your Panel therefore target the right Panel Members ideal for your new survey. There is no need to use files any more, simply associate your Sample to your Survey and they are now ready to be emailed the invite. They can also visit their New Survey page to start the survey.

To enquire about booking our Confirmit service*, please email us at:
*Discounts apply for more days booked.

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