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Bespoke Confirmit Training

With over 10 years Confirmit experience and being a Confirmit partner we always keep up to date with all the new Confirmit releases and it's features and functionalities.

We use every area Confirmit has to offer. If you use Confirmit or have a Confirmit team and you realise you know enough of Confirmit already but suspect there's more to learn, then you're probably right. Why not give us a call on +44(0) 161 408 1230 and tell us how you use Confirmit today, we can discuss with you on how we can help you achieve more out of Confirmit. If we understand where you are today and where you'd like to be tomorrow, this will help us define a specific Confirmit-training course for your Confirmit users.

We can take a dive in to your Confirmit Projects and Reports which you think give a good representation of what you do today. We should be able to get a good idea of the skill levels you have and provide you an assessment on where we think skills can be improved. We can use the assessment findings to form the Bespoke Training Course.

Confirmit training areas we cover...

  • Confirmit Authoring (Designer): survey creation, scripting, use all the new question types, survey settings, launching survey.
  • Confirmit Polls (Designer): survey creation, scripting, use all the new question types, survey settings, launching survey.
  • Survey Layouts: survey look and feel, we teach the correct way using CSS not HTML Tables. CSS is AAA-compliant and Confirmit has Accessibility Mode, which we cover.
  • HTML and Plain Text email creation: common Email software such as Outlook, Hotmail, Yahoo etc. prefer Basic HTML rather than CSS.
  • Survey Data: export, import, edit live data, template creator.
  • Respondent Handling: import new Respondent from a file or FTP, sending new and reminder emails.
  • Task Management: searching for Tasks, change or disable tasks, set up a new recurring task.
  • Confirmit Panel Creation: set-up Panel fields, Panel registration process, username, password, update profile, panel scripts, point scheme/scripts.
  • Confirmit Panel Sample Creation: defining your Sample, uploading the Sample to your survey(s), sending invitations to Sample.
  • Confirmit Panel/Sample Management: searching for Panel members, cleansing inactive Panel members, viewing Panel Sample data, editing Sample data, export/import, credits.
  • Confirmit Community Portal : creating the Panel website/portal, logged in pages, pages viewed by all, Surveys History, Survey To Do, Surveys Not Finished, Update Profile, Credits pages.
  • Reportal reports: create new reports, Aggregated Table, Chart, Gauge, Hitlist, Single View, Verbatim Table, use Parameters, Segments, Filters, Categorizations, Drilldown, Lists etc.
  • Reportal reports: create Export Packages, Excel/PPT/PDF exports, design PDF friendly export pages, create new PowerPoint 2007 Templates (POT), use the new Confirmit PPT Add-In.
  • End User Management (Confirmit/Reportal): create new End User lists and accounts, assign End User Permissions to your report.
  • Data Processing: writing Data Processing scripts to perform specific data jobs, import data, change data, move data from one project to another, merge data, update data, clean data etc. Transforming your data can help hugely with your reporting. For example, forgot to calculate the average time taken to complete the survey, use Data Processing to work it out.
  • Alert Management: create automated email alerts, create Reportal Alert Management section, Alert Management screen, Alert Management workflow (New/In progress/Closed).
Gap fill training
Where do we train?

Because our training courses are designed and focused entirely to fit your Confirmit's needs/usage, we normally visit your office.

Want to step away from your office environment? We have a dedicated IT training room at our Manchester office location that can be booked.

Remote training? With Screen-sharing software's available today, we are able to run small mini training sessions using the web-based conferencing (participants may need to download an Active-X component depending on chosen screen-sharing software, we normally use Microsoft Web Conferencing).

To enquire about booking our Confirmit service*, please email us at:
*Discounts apply for more days booked.

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