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Experts in implementing Confirmit powered solutions.


Our services


We can help you script and design your surveys in Confirmit. We do not run Confirmit surveys, we are experts in scripting surveys in Confirmit. We can help you use all the best features Confirmit offers enabling you to get the most out of Confirmit for your surveys.


With more than 10 years of Confirmit experiences, our consultants have the expertise and experience you need for your Confirmit surveys, reports, panels, portals and help to support your Confirmit users.


Magnify Solutions was the first member in the UK to have adopted Reportal when it was first released. Since then we’ve been creating customised Reportal reports for clients all over the world.


A Panel is an online community of your customers who have a belonging or something in common and are willing and ready to answer your questions. All Confirmit clients benefit from having the normal Confirmit Panel available to them.


Most surveys have their data processed in real time using Scripts within surveys. Survey scripts can automatically calculate and store data in hidden fields. This means if you need to report on ‘Under 18s’ and your Age question was a Numeric asking for the respondents exact age, you could script in to a hidden Single question which Age segment they belong to.


Over the past 10 years we have been creating many Confirmit-powered EFM and VoC projects. We’ve helped clients offer multi-channel survey methods and create many surveys measuring many customer Touchpoints with their businesses.


We are Magnify Solutions, meet the guys.


Hi, I'm Lloyd - I personally, have been using Confirmit for the past 15 years. First for a client of Confirmit, then working for Confirmit, and now at Magnify Solutions. We are a Confirmit excellence team of 3 people who are used by clients for anything powered by Confirmit and often seen as an extension of their own Confirmit team. We do not run any of our own Confirmit projects, we purely help clients with theirs. This is who we are and why I founded Magnify Solutions back in 2010.

In what ways have clients been using us over the past 6 years...

  1. Overflow: clients usually ask us to script entire surveys and/or build Reportal reports. We are a trusted skilled service, able to get their project to their clients' own satisfied level for going live.
  2. Support: we use Skype a lot with our clients. A client may start working on a project themselves, then ask for our help. We would normally receive a message on Skype. In most cases we can help immediately; longer tasks that we can’t handle straight away we would schedule in to investigate and resolve with one of the Magnify team.
  3. Consultancy: clients often call us with a project proposal in mind and ask us if it’s possible to achieve something more complex. In a few cases we’ve been asked to create a quick demo and/or a proof-of-concept first.
  4. Expertise: where a client knows they do not have the requirement skillset (or level of) within their own Confirmit team, therefore they may ask us to build specific parts of the project for them. We are heavily used for Reportal development by many clients, as reports are often high-level and specific.
  5. Training: not that often, but some clients have sent their staff to our office for 1-2-1 type training. We don’t have a formal structured training course, as really, this would be what clients go to Confirmit themselves for. We tend to train, while working on a specific project the client needs to have developed. Therefore, this is more of a "real world" learn-as-you-go (think of it as 'sit next to an expert') type training, where the trainee actually has the project, fully finished to take back with them (especially good for recap purposes).

Subscribing to use our services...

We have adopted a similar approach to Top-Up Mobile phones. Basically, you request a number of days (we invoice first, payment is the usual 30 days) and then start using our services immediately (on invoice raised date). When those days run out, it’s simply a matter of topping up. I maintain a Worklog Excel document showing line by line for each work package completed. This shows you who used us for what project and how long it took. Also the overall tally at the bottom showing how many days you have left. The minimum recorded item is 15 minutes, the purchased days do not expire and they have to be used fully and properly.
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